Not just a job

As we grow old, many changes are observed in our lives. We get to know the world better, we demystify many complex things, we experience different situations, we obtain information for various topics and therefore we get to form a modified point of view concerning a lot of aspects in our lives. Resulting, it is really common that children have many dream jobs which change throughout the year. However, that’s not what happened in my case, as ever since I was a toddler I’ve been dreaming of becoming a vet.
The reasons for the stability of my desire for this dream job are various and many of them are highly connected with my childhood. More specifically, I can’t remember a single stage of my life where I wasn’t surrounded with animals, not even as a baby. I have had many pets, from dogs and cats to rabbits and birds, and I got emotionally tied to all of them. As a result, animals are a part of my life and I’ve learnt to love them and take care of them. Many times I catch myself being worried about stray animals which I run up to in the streets or about endangered species. Additionally, I’ve lost some pets over sicknesses and car accidents and every time I wish I could do something to save them. So, I’ve been dreaming of helping animals survive difficulties, preventing them from dying and getting hurt and of preventing them from getting extinct. The way to do these is to become a vet.
Moreover, this job demands people who are caring and loving about other beings, as it includes curing sick or hurt animals and taking care of them, which are traits of my character and therefore I can be really good at it. Apart from this, it’s about a demanding job which needs concentration, patience and goodwill, because vets deal with beings that don’t communicate with words and which are probably scared. This means that vets need to be able to confront them and make them feel safe. These are qualities which I personally don’t lack , due to my chronic contact with animals, and therefore I believe that with determination and practice I can evolve and succeed as a vet.
All in all, becoming a vet is not just a job to me. It’s a dream of mine not because of its profit or other similar benefits, but because of my love and interest towards animals which render it special. This fact will, in my opinion, motivate me to stick to it when I will face difficulties and the temptation to quit will be considerable and I believe that’s the difference between a dream job and one which we are simply interested to.