My Dream Job
Since I remember myself my dream has always been pursuing a career in the fashion industry. I really wanted to become either a model or a fashion designer or a stylist. However, as the time passed I decided that a career as a designer would be the most suitable for me. One of my main goals is to make this ambition of mine come true and be as successful as possible.
First of all, fashion design requires a lot of imagination and cool ideas in order to create original clothes and impressive collections. It is very important to design things that no one else has done before and make fashion trends through your presence on the runway in the fashion week especially. Moreover, being able to get to know other people from the industry that are already known for their abilities is really helpful as you get information and ideas for your own job. It is also crucial to keep a circle of acquaintances so that they help you evolve professionally.
When it comes to the financial part, I do know the difficulty of being able to become wealthy from this job. You have to stand out and work hard but I think that I am ready to face any challenge that might come. After all, when you really try you can easily become known and make a lot of money from it.
All in all, fashion is something that I love and I really want to occupy with besides the risk that might exist. I believe that we should all follow our dreams and do whatever makes us truly happy. At the end of the day this is what really matters!
Kassandra Nota