Since I was six years old all I wanted was to focus on exercise and physical conditions of me and of other people who needed help and guidance. Nowadays, I realized that my dream job is to become someday a physical education teacher.

First and forest, the fact which motivated me to take this decide was that my father is also a physical education teacher of my school. He is for me an idol and for this reason I want to be like him. Moreover, having a relative who exercises on my dream job can make me to participate myself and understand the liabilities of the job easier and with more self-confidence.

Nevertheless, the main reason which made me to choose this job is that I feel satisfying and happiness when I help children to have a good physical condition and make them happy. Even on, I like to teach them what is more important for their health with entertaining physical exercise. Especially, for those kids who face serious problems with their weight for many reasons I am willing to help them and make them feel good. I am inclined to believe that doing this job I will offer to children a lot of fun time and with the right guidance most of the kids will have self-confidence about their body.
Furthermore, to become a physical education teacher has many advantages for me too. This is understandable because the job keeps me on fit and seems to become a healthy person with good physical condition. Subsequently, apart from these this job has a satisfactory salary with which I can live comfortably.

Taking everything into account this job seems to me like a place where I can feel myself. It is a job with relationships of compassion and friendship with all the children. Thus, I strongly believe that my dream job I will like it forever and I couldn’t change it with anything else.