Since i remember myself, I have been entairetaining my family and friends by making funny voices or impersonations of their favourite actors. At the age of four I took part in a TV advertisement for shoes and a few years later I participated in a radio spot for furniture. Inspired by this fact I have decided to pursue a career in a voice over acting.
One of the main reasons that I find this job appealing is variety. Voice over actors can experiment with so many different genres for example e-learning, GPS navigation, audio tours , documentaries etc. Consequently voice over actors are required to use different styles of acting depending on the project, such as formal,conversational, informatic.
And what about animation? For a voice-over actor animation is the biggest chapter of his job, considering that it provides him more opportunities and a bigger income. Working for kids is a sacred occupation. A voice-over artist brings all those adorable Disney characters to life and help children of all ages and nations enjoy their favourite cartoons in their native language. Moreover, if you are such a big Disney fan like me, working for these movies or series is more than just a dream.
To my mind working on a microphone has it’s own challenges, since there is almost no interaction with other actors or even live audience. So a voice-over artist without audience’s expressions, has to use his imagination to stimulate his responses. By using his talent and skill, he has to create an «enviroment» in which he interprets the words that he reads from the script to make them sound completely natural in order to captivate the viewer’s imagination.
Becoming a voice-over artist is my dream. I know that it takes lots of hard work, patience and perseverance to get there. Nonetheless with good mood and love for what I do, I’m convinced that someday my dream job won’t be a dream anymore!
Evangelia Papaoikonomou