My dream job is a doctor. When I was younger I desperately wanted to be a dancer because I thought that it would be really fascinating. Later I realized that this wasn’t realistic so I ended up wanting to be a doctor. Since I learned that one of my classmates was suffering from a chronical disease without a cure I was determined that in the future I would find a treatment for all the incurable diseases so that I could set people free.
First of all, one of the reasons that I admire the doctors is that they are obligated to be educated constantly in order to face all the difficulties of their job. Their loyalty to their job constitutes a motive for me and it encourages me to keep studying. Moreover , it is well- known that through this job lots of opportunities are given to us and thanks to them we could be more informed and open-minded .
Due to the my desire of being a doctor I decided to take part into a volunteering group to ‘Doctor without Borders ‘ during summer vacations .Therefore I could get in touch with my dream job and make sure that I am meant to be a doctor .Furthermore , apart from the psychological satisfaction I certainly consider that my dream job is also a financial stabilizer which would offer me a better future and a high-quality life.
To sum up, being a doctor is more than a simple job is a way to help others deal and overcome their pain. I know that I have to put a lot of effort to accomplish my goal but I believe in me!