My Dream Job
Essay written by Gregory Kostidis on 18th of July
Our whole life is based on electricity, so I wanted to learn more about that. Every house and office have electricity, and everyone needs it. Thus, the job of an electrician is a job that will always be needed in the world. In the future with the development of technology we will need electricians more than we need them now. So, in my opinion this job will be very popular in the future.
Electricity is the best source of power today. Without it, technology can’t exist, with electricity our life becomes a lot easier and that’s the point of it. But we must know how to use it in the right way. It’s not easy to become an electrician, you need years of studying and hard work to be ready to face any problem that comes in your way, that means that not everyone can become an electrician. That is why when you need them to fix something you pay them. It’s a difficult job but I am very interested in it, because I love fixing and building many different things. This job is dangerous too, so you must be careful.
Also, an advantage of being an electrician is that you can start your own company and if you are good it will succeed, but and if you don’t want to start your own, there are a lot of companies that need good electricians. Also, in this field the more you work the more money you will get, meaning the money you get depends on your hard work. But to tell you the truth this job doesn’t only have advantages, it has disadvantages too. In the start the competition is huge and you must be the best to succeed, because if you aren’t, you’ll be overseen.
In conclusion, to become an electrician you need to work hard and study too, but in the future, it will give you a lot of money. It’s very difficult to become an electrician but I hope with a lot and hard work I will achieve my goal.
Gregory Kostidis