When I was a child, I saw a crime in person which made me to want to become a
policewoman when I grow up. To be a policewoman it is a difficult job because you must
follow all the commands of your bosses (obey the rules and your superiors) and is your
obligation to take care off the people. For example, police officers must intervene when
citizens behave illegally and when they need protection .In past times, it was nearly
impossible for a woman to serve as a police officer. Nowadays many policewomen are trying
to encounter all the hardships of their job while requesting to have the same treatment as
the policemen.

Ten years ago, my mum and I were walking to our home when an old man was trying to rob
a girl’s bag . We hid behind a car while we were trying to understand what was happening.
Once, we understood that he was indeed a thief we called the police. While waiting for the
police to arrive, the thief pulled out a knife because the girl refused to give him her bag.
Then, my mum told me to stay behind the car and she said that she will go to help the girl
because she was in great danger. When the thief saw my mum, he beckoned to the girl to be
relaxed as if nothing is happening. My mum came close the girl and she asked if she needed
help but the girl was frightened and she replied that everything is fine. When the thief heard
the sirens of police, he grabbed the girl’s bag and he started to run away. The girl was
shouting for help and the police officer tried to calm her down. For the next few hours the
police was looking to find the thief until one policewoman found him. He was arrested and
she led him in the police car.

The bravery of the police woman impressed me tremendously because she achieved to
immobilize him despite he was holding a knife. Since that day my goal is to be a police officer
and that one day I will be the policewoman who will save anyone needing help.