maria veternali

My Dream Job

Since I was a child, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor in the future. I’ve always wanted to do this job for many reasons. First but foremost, I am the kind of person who enjoys helping others in an incredibly significant way. When patients are suffering from injuries and different kinds of illnesses, doctors are always there to help them deal with those serious health issues. In other words, being a doctor is quite rewarding. Secondly, I consider medicine as an extremely fascinating job. It teaches you about the human body which I find an interesting thing to study. Also, medicine gives you a great opportunity to examine your patients with the newest version of technology, so this actually prevents you from getting sick and tired of this job. Furthermore, the financial sector of this job is quite remarkable to be mentioned. Medicine doesn’t get influenced by the ups and downs of the economy. Doctors are always needed. Finally, I think it’s worth mentioning to say that there’ll be not a single moment at all that will make you believe that this job is dull. That’s why you get to see new people every day with different health problems which is somehow exciting!
But let’s not forget that if you have the desire to become a doctor, you should study really hard. Entering the university or even studying while you are on the university have been proven to be an extremely difficult goal to achieve in our days… But I am determined to do my best and become finally a successful doctor who will contribute to the future of this planet.