They say that your work is going to fill the longenst part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work . So my 3year old self in love with cars as it was , had a dream of becoming a race car driver .However as the years went by , my constantly maturer self along with lots of constructive conversations with my family led to the death of that dream . It was dangerous and just not for me .

So now , that I have obtained a beter image about the world around me , I have decided that I am really passionate about medice . As a doctor’s son , I experienced from a young age the magic of this profession . If you trully love what you do and not fot money , the satisfaction of helping and saving people is lifechanging and gives you power to continue . You can be a savior , an everyday heroe . The smiles of your patiens are your greatest pleasure .

Simultaneously , it is a job that wll never disappear, as long as the are sick and unhealthy people , especially nowdays with more and more fast food services and bad nutrition habits, and will never be threatened by artificial intellingence and robots , just because it requires true human connection and trust . As a consequence , doctors will always heve a loaf to feed their family .

On the other side of the coin though, every doctor faces difficulties and challenges , which will definitely cause stress , that may prevent a peaceful life . My father for instance cannot even relax during vacation due to everyday calls .

He really inspires me though , and one day I hope I will be a great doctor like him. Because being a doctor is not a profession , it’s a passion!