Nunnery of St John Prodromos (The Baptist) by Cassandra

he Holy Nunnery of St. John the Baptist is 9 Km east of the city of Serres, in a ravine of mountain, surrounded by a picturesque and pious setting, where the soul is truly distracted from every prosy concern and rises to eternity. There you can experience the piece of sight and thew poetry of biblical tranquillity. You can experience an intact part of the Byzantine world, devoted to St. John the Baptist. The nunnery is surrounded by an atmosphere of eternity and real charm.
The nunnery has been the centre of an uninterrupted painting movement. There are icons of the 14th century, some of the most interesting in our country and also beautiful wall paintings from the year 1630. There is also a wonderful icon screen made out of walnut wood and very artistically engraved in 1804.