Our School

The School of “Aristotle”


One could say that Aristotelio isn’t just your typical Greek high school. It was founded in 2004 and it’s the only private school in Serres, which means that it’s both modern and one of a kind. Those 2 facts are far from being the only things that makes our school so appealing and, well, awesome ! First of all, our teachers have tons of qualifications and they truly care about their students’ education. That’s why most of them offer extra classes that are held in the evening, which greatly help any student who may be struggling. Furthermore, the school informs us about various competitions, which are mostly for students who excel in maths or physics, and as a result, they enhance their skills and add some valuable skills or attendances to their portfolio. If any foodie who’s reading this article isn’t impressed by Aristotelio yet, our cafeteria is absolutely perfect and the favourite place of all of our students and teachers! Additionally, one can not simply forget about our basketball team! Aristotelio has always been very fond of all sports, but it takes the most pride in its basketball team, which is full of super talented players and has made all of us, even the geeks, proud. Summing up, I think we can all agree that no other school can compete with the greatness of Aristotelio.