My Dream Job
Essay written by Socrates Omiliadis on the 24th of July.
After I had my first encounter with a computer, I knew that I wanted to explore the “world” of technology. Later in my life, I discovered that I would incarnate that dream by becoming a Computer Engineer. Also, since technology is the future, this job offers a bit of certainty as there is and there will be a big demand for Programmers and Computer Engineers. I believe that the basic purpose of technology is to make people’s lives easier and help them communicate more conveniently. Because of these factors I aspire to be a Computer Engineer in the future so I can contribute to facilitating people’s everyday lives. Becoming an engineer though, is no easy task, as there are many traits that are required. An engineer needs to be dedicated, because many times he will have to deal with very complex mechanisms or software, so he needs to focus on his objective and be patient enough to not quit along the way. Moreover, he needs to have good problem-solving abilities and great mathematic skills, since that’s what Programming and Engineering is mostly about. In addition, an engineer is required to be a “Critical Thinker”, as he will have to analyze, evaluate and synthesize information relatively quickly to make objective judgements on any occasion.
Furthermore, as in everything, there are advantages and disadvantages in being a Computer Engineer. First of all, when you’re working for a big company as an “IT Guy” you never know when a problem might arise, so your working hours are a bit all over the place. What’s more, there is a big oversaturation of Programmers and Engineers in our time, so you must be outstanding to get a chance to work for a big company. Every coin has two sides though, so despite the oversaturation there are still many open positions at various small/medium companies with decent pay. Lastly, even in smaller companies, but especially in the more known ones, this job has a very good salary compared to other jobs.
In conclusion, Computer Engineering and Programming are not the easiest jobs, but if you have what it takes it can yield great rewards. I realize that it is difficult to become an Engineer or a Programmer, but I am sure that one day, I will achieve my dreams.
Socrates Omiliadis – Serres, Greece, 2019