My dream job
While growing up, one is the question; “what is your dream job?”, and let’s admit it, it’s a tricky one. Well now, I think I can answer this question and say that I want to be an architect. The next question is why architecture though?
To begin with, as an admirer of art, architecture is the ideal job for me, because it demands both the skills and the imagination of an artist. Indeed, you need to create, be innovative and ready to face any challenge. Another thing that fascinates me about the job of an architect is that you are able to watch your thoughts and designs take form and turn into something beautiful. Furthermore, in this job it is quite important to travel, in order to find your inspiration for your next designs and to keep up with the trends in the field. Moreover, architecture is a science deeply connected with the culture. For example, in structures you can easily observe signs of ones civilization and history. Also, we can support that architecture contributes to a healthier lifestyle, by designing eco-friendly buildings, parks and even solar panels. Finally, to my mind the job of our parents plays an essential role in the career choice. In my case, being intrigued by the job of my father (he works as an engineer) and taking into consideration his knowledge in the domain and a possible cooperation among us, I was urged to choose architecture.
To sum up, undeniably finding your dream job is not an easy task. However, when you realize what it is, you should try hard to make it real.