The Alistrati Cave is located six kilometers southeast of the community of Alistrati and covers 14,000 acres.
According to Greek mythology a sphinx appeared in the “rocky” site at the Gorge of the Aggitis River, which crosses the Alistrati area.
It announced that Pluto the god of Hades killed Persephone, daughter of the goddess Demetra by leading her to the gorge where the Gate of Hades is located.
The area mentioned in the mythology is the cave Alistrati and the other surrounding caves.
It is considered one of the most beautiful and one of the largest in Greece.
At the entrance of the cave we find a very nice room, 8 meters high, which is its anteroom. From the porch, there are various galleries with high t and rich decoration of stalactites and stalagmites.
The main branches of the cave develop to the right and left of the entrance and start from a large chamber, the receiving chamber, measuring 60 m wide, 100 m long and 20 – 30 m high.
As the visitor progresses, the decoration becomes richer in whitish stalactites in the form of a marvelous curtain.
From the reception room to the right begins a second gallery or hallway almost parallel to the one we mentioned. We see some impressive red stalactites, bearing the name “FLOGES”, reaching a height of about 35 m. At one point the two arcades join and continue wider and taller, while huge and majestic 15m long stalactites hang from the roof.
There are also floors in the cave that are innumerable and not yet known.