Since i was a little child I wanted to be a doctor. The thing is, being useful to someone’s life, excites me. Either when someone faces psychological issues, or when he/she suffers from physical problems.
Being a doctor means that he should be skillful and trust worthy because, obviously, all of us want ourselves and our beloved people to be the best taken care of. Moreover, all doctors should emit positive energy and have a good aura. Then, patients acquire confidence and hope. As it is known, the profession of the doctor comes with many advantages. To start with, doctors who do their work right with very few failures in their career, make o lot of money. Additionally, it is a profession that evolves with the passing of the years. So, it will never become boring and of course it will never disappear. Also, something deeply important is that in medicine knowledge never stops. Every new occasion a doctor deals with is a step towards his success. On the other hand, I can tell that being a doctor has some drawbacks. For instance, the are same occasions when a patient can not be saved. Then doctor’s hands are tight, and he can do nothing although he spent weeks or months trying to find a way to help the patient. That will make him very sad and disappointed. But he can not let his emotions control him. He should be strong and move on quickly. Furthermore, doctors have very little time for themselves. Even when they are on vacation, they should have their phones on to receive emergency calls. To sum up, the profession of the doctor comes with advantages and disadvantages as well , but no disadvantage compares with the feeling of saving a human’s life.