My dream is to become a psychologist. When I younger I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant but as soon as I entered high school, I realized that I was passionate about mental health issues. So, I decided that the job of the psychologist was the right one for me.
First of all, I believe that the job of the doctor in general is very helpful to humanity. That is a fact because every single day thousands of people suffer from variety of diseases. But thanks to doctors, these days most of them are not only curable but they also can be prevented. In addition to that, one of the reasons that inspired m to become a doctor is that there is always something new to know. It is well known that in order to become successful in that professor you have to stay updated to new discoveries. But also, you are becoming a scientist and a discoverer when choosing the job of a doctor. As a result, in my eyes at least, this job is fascinating.
That desire of mine led me to participate in seminars, meant for teenagers, concerning mental health issues. During those I realized the difficulty of becoming a psychologist, but I also got more motivated to work hard. This way I will find both psychological and financial satisfaction. This way I will be living a decent life while curing other people.
To conclude, I believe that being a doctor is ideal for me because it fulfills all of my needs and I also believe I have the qualities to become one. So, I am willing to work hard in order to become successful and recognizable in the world of medicine.